10/17/21 The Dollars and Cents of Building Community https://youtu.be/Xp1HxOkJRVM?t=1297

10/3/21 The Punk Rock Nature of Vulnerability https://youtu.be/dwjuq_uwxbY?t=1516

8/15/21 Fear and Liberation https://youtu.be/zQhywYIXDuw?t=683

8/1/21 Expectation and a broken reality https://youtu.be/VTDrdQ8PRsg?t=1357

7/16/21 Telling Our Story While Traveling Through Time https://youtu.be/tJ9FXC9N9Bo?t=1673

7/2/21 Tell Me A Story Lives in Tension https://youtu.be/TkTNDfzMgdM

6/18/21 Transformation and Metamorphosis Part II: God’s and Monsters https://youtu.be/nMIxVgaB-Yk

2/21/21 The American Dream: A Narrative in Conflict https://youtu.be/svpRaeqUyBA?t=1023

1/16/20 Sticking with Love https://youtu.be/_zV6dpKt3Ec?t=1113

12/6/20 Stillness in Advent: https://youtu.be/zz-7aQKuVPg?t=981

11/1/20 The Truth in the Scars https://youtu.be/EfegzmRNajA?t=968

8/23/20, A Journey in 17 Movements https://youtu.be/8-nRC6FUa2c?t=794

7/19/20 In Search of Joy and and Open Hand
6/7/20 : I heard a Dog Whistle Blow in from DC